Meaning of 'influence'

Find the meaning of the word ‘influence’

Valid in these dictionaries

  • TWL/NWL (Scrabble US/CA/TH)
  • SOWPODS/CSW (Scrabble UK / ALL)
  • ENABLE (Words with Friends)

Meaning of ‘influence’

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causing something without any direct or apparent effort


a power to affect persons or events especially power based on prestige etc

Example: "They used their parents' influence to get the job."


a cognitive factor that tends to have an effect on what you do

Example: "My wishes had a great influence on my thinking."


one having power to affect or change the opinion and viewpoint of another

Example: "My friends are the most important influence in my life."


the effect of one thing (or person) on another

Example: "the influence of mechanical action"


shape or influence

Synonyms: shape


induce into action by using one's charm

Synonyms: charm tempt


have and exert influence or effect

Example: "The artist's work influenced the young painter"

Synonyms: act upon

Source: WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University

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